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Questioning someone’s blackness just because they don’t live up to some stereotypical perception is just as bad as assuming someone is a thug because of what they’re wearing.


I hate putting people on front street, but sometimes that shit is necessary.


What’s the term for the black dudes.


Who watch anime
Listen to nothing but rock music because it has a “real” message unlike hip hop
Perm their hair
Wear different colored contacts
And shop exclusively at hot topic and target?

A better question is why anyone would consider them anything other than a black dude based on how they dress and what they like?


You can’t fuck with every friend on the same level.


Look, man…listen when I tell you this…


Don’t look up to no damn Tumblr user. I don’t care how many followers these niggas got, they’re just like you. They log on and waste their time the same way you do. They ain’t special. So just get on here and enjoy your time, man.



The days nudes grace the dash it'll be grand even if only for a second


Well the dash aint neva gon be graced so



Deion Sanders said that a “prominent 49ers player” told him that the players want Harbaugh gone because he’s too strict and hard to deal with.

I would rather keep Harbaugh and get rid of every player who opposes him. Even if its Kaepernick, Crabtree and Vernon Davis. 

Good players fall off of trees. A coach that can take you to the NFC Championship game 3 years in a row does not. 

If there was a player mutiny against Bill Belichick, those players would be fucking gone because Robert Kraft knows what Bill is worth. 

I really hope the Niners ownership doesn’t pick players over their coach

Good players aren’t hard to find, but franchise players are, and if that’s where the complaints are coming from that coach will be gone.







Whenever I sit on my boyfriend’s face, his beard smells like me for days

proof them beard boys do not i repeat do not wash their shit

It really isn’t healthy for your skin and hair to wash every day, or even every other day.

True story. Mine gets washed and conditioned once a week.

Other than that, it only gets what flows from my hair when I rinse.

It’s how you keep a healthy beard.

Don’t be mad that you haven’t been able to feel the stimulating effects of a bearded man go down on you.

Less hate, more beard love.

bitch you stink

You have to wash your beard if it has pussy juice in it though. I don’t give a fuck if you just washed your shit earlier that day.


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